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Standart Features

  • Whole Structure, AISI 304 1mm-1,5mm Steinless Stell
  • Double Water Curtain With A Special Filter & Aisi 304 1,5 mm Steinless Steel, Eliminates Overspray
  • Spraying Boot with 12 Manikins & Seperate Spraying- Unloading-loading Areas
  • Makins, Adjustable Manikin's Heigth, Auto Aİr Filing Buy Air Pressure Controllers
  • Easy Using with One Push Automatic Rotating Manikins
  • Spraying System with Spray Gun ( Dewlibiss), Dosing Tani Pump, Pressure Regulator & Connection Equipments
  • Lighting, Natural White Lightining For Natural Seem Of Goods
  • Radial Fanm Exhaust Ventilation
  • Power Supply, 380 Volt - 3 Phase - 50 Hertz

Optional Features

  • European Certificated AISI316 L Stainless Steel
  • Different Sİze Manikins for Shirt, Jacket & Jeanss

YILMAK Campony, Leader in the Field of İndustrial Washing, Dyeing & Brushing Machines, has now Added The '' Carousel Spray Robot'' Model HKR 12 to İts Range Of Products. This New System has been Desingned & Manufactured to Spray on Jeans, Jackets, Shirt, Various Chemicals such as Chlorine Derivates, Pigments & Resins. İt İncludes One Robot, an Overhead Caurosel with 12 Manikins. İt Reduces The Lobour Cost & İncrease The Efficiens.