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HI 102 Spraying & Brushing Boots

Standart Features

  • Whole Structure, AISI 304 1mm-1,5mm Steinless Stell
  • Double Water Curtain With A Special Filter & Aisi 304 1,5 mm Steinless Steel, Eliminates Overspray
  • Spraying Boot with Water Pool System to Minimize Spraying Side Affects.
  • Manikins, Adjustable Heigth, Auto Air Fİling By Air Pressure Controllers & Easy Loading-Unloading 45° Tilting
  • Easy Using with One Push Automatic Rotating Manikins
  • Spraying System with Spray Gun ( Dewlibiss), Dosing Tani Pump, Pressure Regulator & Connection Equipments
  • Lighting, Natural White Lightining For Natural Seem Of Goods
  • Radial Fan Exhaust Ventilation
  • Power Supply, 380 Volt - 3 Phase - 50 Hertz

Optional Features

  • European Certificated AISI316 L Stainless Steel
  • Different Sİze Manikins for Shirt, Jacket & Jeans

Yılmak Compony, Leader in The Field of İndustrial Washing, Dyeing And Brushing Machines, has now Added The ''Spray Booths'' Model Hi 102 To İts Range Of Products. This New System has been Designed & Manufactured to Spray on, Jeans, Shirt, Various Chemicals such as Chlorine Derivates, Pigments And Resins.