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Standart Features

  • The Hydro-Dynamic Drum Construction with 5 mm Thickness
  • Drum Material, European Certificated Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Special Designed Hammered C45 Steel Monoblock Shaft
  • Power Transmission with Special Belt Pulley System
  • Chemical Inlet Pocket
  • Water Counter, German (Burkert) Mechanic Water Counter
  • Controlling Unit with PLC Controlling (99 Steps, 99 Recepies)
  • Omron or LG Brand PLC, Touch Screen & Inverter
  • Power Supply, 380 Volt - 3 Phase - 50 Hertz

Optional Features

  • European Certificated AISI316 L Stainless Steel
  • Chemical Tank & Pump for Dyeing (4 small +1 big tank)
  • Chemical Tank & Pump for Washing
  • Drum Seperator (Y) for Dyeing
  • Rotating Door
  • Separate Heat Exchanger
  • Separate Cooling System
  • Separate Cooling System
  • 1/3 Liquid Ratio Eco Dye & Wash
  • Auto Cooling for Electrical Box by Air Conditioner

HBM HS High Speed Extraction Washing Machines, Open Pocket Cylinder, Self-balancing Washing & Dyeing Machine, Variable Speed & High Speed Extraction Suitable for All Kinds of Washing, Dyeing, Tencel Treatments, Linen Blends, Viscase, Cotton, Polyester etc.

Inverter Controlled Drum Speed, Hammered Drum Shaft Mile, Pneumatic Door, User Friendlly PLC controlling Unit, Chmical Dosing Pump Provides & Perfect Results with YILMAK's Years of Machinery, Washing & Dyeing Experience.