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Standart Features

  • DKP Steel Construction with 1.5 mm Thickness
  • Closed Cycle, Automatic, Jet-Pulse Fitratlon System
  • Dust Vacuum System with Filtration
  • Radial Filter with Ventilation
  • Automatic Sand Tanks Located under The Sand Blasting Cabins.
  • Rubber Sandblast Tubes Connected to Sand Tanks Used for Sand Blasting
  • Easy & Quick Operation
  • Standart Works
  • Special Design, The Effect & Pressure of Sprayed Sand on The Operator Is Minimized
  • Adjustable Sand Blasting Surface Pressure
  • Varlous Pattern Applications to Different Textiles
  • Power Supply is 380 Volt - 3 Phase - 50 Hertz

Designed & Manufactured by YILMAK HI 101 Sand Basting Cabins are The Newest Technology Machine in Creating The Used Look & Several Fashion Effects on Jeans Jackets & Shirts. Due to its Special Desing, The Effect & Pressure of Sprayed Sand On the Operator is Minimized Resulting in Sharp İncrease in Capacity.