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Standart Features

  • Thermoblock with Seamless Pipes, AISI304 Stainless Steel
  • Inner Material of Ovens, Galvanized Steel 1,2 mm
  • Outer Material of Ovens, DKP sheet metal 1,2 mm
  • Insulation Material Density is 72 Kg/m3, Outer 100mm Glass Wool, Inner 50mm Rock Wool
  • Burner Controlling Unit with PLC & Automatic Data Control
  • Temperature Controller with Thermostat, PT-100
  • Conveyor Type, Cardan Shaft Special Conveyor
  • Different Burner Types & Models: LPG - LNG (Optional), Ecoflam(IT), Gökçe(TR)
  • Electric Panels with Siemens, Moller, Top European Brands
  • Controlling Unit with PLC & Automatic & Manuel
  • Control Panel with Touch Screen PLC Controller &Special Software

Yılmak HI - 105 Oven's Fumace Consist of Sandwich Panels Which have Rock Wool & Yellow as The İnsulation Material. There are Adjustable Type Air Blowing Mouths & Air Circulation Ducts Whic Homogeneously Distribute Air at200 C. Heat Control Device is Digital Type. The Heat of The Oven is Controlled by The Command of the Thermostat that Works by the Signal of the PT-100,to The Burner. Adjustable Type Digital Thermostats, PT-100, Cable Channel and Electrial Control Panel are İncluded in The System. There İs an İnsulated Door with Special Locking System in front of the Furnace