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Standart Features

  • The Hydro-Dynamic Drum Construction with 5 mm Thickness
  • Drum Material, European Certificated Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Special Designed Hammered C45 Steel Shaft
  • Water Counter, German (Burkert) Mechanic Water Counter
  • Chemical İnlet Pocket
  • Controlling Unit with PLC Controlling (99 Steps, 99 Recepies)
  • Omron or LG Brand PLC, Touch Screen & Inverter
  • Power Supply, 380 Volt - 3 Phase - 50 Hertz

Optional Features

  • European Certificated AISI316 L Stainless Steel
  • Chemical Tank & Pump for Dyeing (4 small +1 big tank)
  • Chemical Tank & Pump for Washing
  • 0 -100 rpm Pre-Extraction
  • Drum Seperator (Y) for Dyeing
  • Rotating Door
  • Pneumatically Controlled Automatic Door Mechanism
  • Separate Heat Exchanger
  • Indirect Steam Heating with Serpantine
  • Rubber Coating for Stone Washing
  • 1/3 Liquid Ratio Eco Dye & Wash
  • Auto Cooling for Electrical Box by Air Conditioner
  • Manual Controlling System

HBM Series is an Open - Pocket Washing Machine Especially Designed for Denim & Gabardine Garment's Stone, Enzyme and / or Any Other Washing Treatments for Best Results with AISI 304 European Certificated Stainless Steel, Strong Construction, Strength Materials & High Resistance Achievements.

İnverter Controlled Drum Speed, Hammered Drum Shaft Mile Pnematic Door, User Friendly PLC controlling Unit, Chemical Dosing Pump Provides & Guarantees Reliable & Perfect Results with YILMAK's 25 Years of Machinery, Washing & Dyeing Experience.